Urban dictionary gay sugar daddy

Sunday, July 21, 2019
Top definition. Gay Sugar Daddy unknown. Deputy Ryans pop. Also his nickname.
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Urban Dictionary: Gay Sugar Daddy

Top definition. Gay Daddy unknown. The term mostly implies that the man has a penchant for younger males, often in their late teens or in their twenties , but his mate doesn't have to be that much younger than him necessarily for the term to apply. The term is not to be confused with " sugar daddy ," which implies a young mate being showered and lavished with gifts and money in exchange for a sexual, and possibly, romantic relationship; a gay daddy and his mate are most often romantically involved, and the main motivation for the younger male in the relationship isn't money or material items, but because he prefers older men due to their maturity or their attractiveness. However, a gay daddy often does provide money or material objects to the younger male due to having more means due to his age and experience and his role in the relationship.
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Glucose Guardian. Similar to a sugar daddy, but keeps you in constant supply of chicken nuggets. I will never understand why you are with him. He's my nugget daddy, and we all know how much I love chicken nuggets! Frosted Flake.
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Top definition. Sugar Daddy unknown. A Sugar Daddy is a boyfriend who comes with financial benefits. Sugar benefactors can help to cover tuition, bills, and frequently enjoy bestowing gifts upon their partners.




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